Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Is Pollution?

"A pollutant is a waste material that pollutes air, water or soil. Three factors determine the severity of a pollutant: its chemical nature, the concentration and the persistence." Wikipedia.

It is the black smoke coming from exhaust It is the garbage laying along the side of the road It is the slime and sludge floating on the waters of the planet It is waste from industry It is oil spills It is what humans have contributed to their planet.

The constant wiping out of wildlife, and trees that actually help this planet breathe. Why would people want to annihilate things that help them breathe?

What is Pollution?

It's people not taking care of the planet It's people not doing their small share of cleaning up It's people not using caution with chemicals and exhaust It's people not leaving the forests alone It's people that don't turn down the noise

Pollution accumulates from gases, and all the detrimental things that soil the earth and fill the air with toxins. Toxins are contaminants that cause harm to the environment. Pollution has been here since time began. It has grown with society and flourished, in some cases better than society. When you think about back in time, blacksmiths, coal and wood smoke.

Throughout wars, over the centuries, the hazards and destruction have created pollution. In December of 1952 in London, Englawnd, an event named "The Great Smog" lasted less than a week but darkened most of the city. This writer remembers this well having lived in it. It was like being trapped in a smoke filled room for days, there was no way out. In some places, you couldn't see your hand the length of your arm away. Pollutants created from anticyclone and windless conditions, combined with the cold weather caused airborne pollutants to form a layer of smog over the city. This was caused mostly from the burning of coal. What is pollution? It is a murderer. This smog was responsible for contaminating over 100,000 people. Total fatalities resulting from this Smog were over 12,000.

Attention to pollution has been in the US since the 1950's. Congress passed specific acts to clean up the environment, but it would appear from the present state of this country, that these acts definitely were not adhered to.

There is not much hope for the ecosystem considering the dumping in the Hudson River, long-term dioxin contaminants that started in 1947 have accelerated to the testing of nuclear weapons and dispersing of lethal radioactive contaminants throughout the earth's air. The constant addition of more and more, garbage and gases.

For the last time What is pollution? Pollution is aircraft gas and noise, industrial gases, herbicides, pesticides, and radioactivity. Streets filled with Neon lights, and highways covered with billboards. Landfills and garbage dumps. Exhausts and smoke. Millions of tons of pollutants are released into the environment on a daily basis. The world will become like the 1952 Smog episode in London, England unless something serious is done.

One writer is glad she is older, but worries about the future of the younger generations and we need to take the time to consider that. Words won't change the world, but "with a little help from a friend" this earth can at least get a reprieve, giving it a little time to breathe.

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